Live clutter-free with these organizing hacks

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You really do, but no matter how neat and tidy you want to be it doesn't take long before piles of clutter have once again taken over your life. Maybe the problem is you don't have the correct amount of storage. If you're drowning in clutter, try these simple and inexpensive organizing hacks to get all that mess and clutter under … [Read more...]

Get fit with these health shortcuts

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Let’s just face it, most of us don’t have time or energy for the healthier lifestyle we dream of. By following these health shortcuts, from Real Simple, you can get extremely close to your fitness goals. Cardiovascular Activity -- Though it is more ideal to do 30 minutes of cardio daily, a more practical way is to take thee 10-minute walks each … [Read more...]

Ghost Enthusiast? Take One of the Ghosts of Denton Tours

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It doesn't seem to matter whether or not you believe in the paranormal or not, there's just something about ghosts and haunted houses that gets everyone exciting. The good news is that there are some great ghosting opportunities in Denton, TX you should take advantage of. Shelly Tucker has put together one of the best ghost tours of Denton, TX. Not … [Read more...]

Try these Inexpensive patio garden ideas

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A lovely feature to have for a home is a garden on the balcony or patio. The plants make it the ideal place to relax and enjoy the weather with a book and beverage. You can have a nice apartment patio garden without spending lots of money. And with some frugal gardening tips, you can bring a green touch to your patio with just a few dollars. To … [Read more...]

Buy collectibles at these Denton Comic Book stores

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Comic books have been around for some time now but they have gained a more wide spread appeal in the last decade. Whether you are a novice interested in finding out more about the medium or a fan that has been around for a while, there are two comic book stores in Denton close to your home at Trails of Sanger that will satisfy your interests. More Fun … [Read more...]